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        PMB battery focuses on supporting the 7th China Internationa
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        Future maintenance of traction battery in Shanghai Tangqian
        Shanghai Tangqian battery needs to be replaced in the follow
        Shanghai Tangqian battery needs to be replaced in the follow
        Shanghai Tangshao Electronics Co., Ltd. is an economic entity which integrates scientific research, development, production, industry and trade. The company was founded in 2000, and now develops at an annual growth rate of 46%. The company's main products are: valve-controlled sealed storage battery, non-ferrous metal, packaging materials, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), fire emergency power supply (EPS) and other products.

        The company's core product, PMB valve-regulated sealed battery, has introduced, digested and absorbed the most advanced sealed battery technology and technology of Japanese PMB company. The company has advanced manufacturing equipment, molds, quality monitoring system, so that every battery produced by the company has the same high quality as the international standard. The company's product production, sales and sales are strictly in accordance with the quality system of ISO 9001.

        The company pursues the enterprise spirit of "meticulous design, devotion to shaping, wholehearted management, sincere face, wholehearted service". Facing the peak of battery industry in the 21st century, rapid development, in today's leaping information society, can not be separated from a stable and strong source of power, we use the spirit of "five hearts" to shape the brand image and serve the public.

        Respected customers: We believe that manufacturers are not only manufacturers of high-quality products, but also creators of customer interests. We will be honest with every customer, and will continue to bring you high-quality products, so that our products can help you develop a brilliant future!
        Tel: 400-0071-400
        Fax: 021-6977-0644
        Mob: 400-007-1400
        E-mail: batteryups@163.com
        Website: http://www.y4158.com
        Zip code: 200063
        Addr: Third Floor, 2399 Zhongshan North Road, Shanghai
        Addr:Third Floor, 2399 Zhongshan North Road, Shanghai  Tel:400-0071-400    
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